Land Logistics

On-shore Forwarding Specialist

50 Trucks

Dedicated Convoy


Tankage Capacity

70 Personnel

Professional Workforce

GPS Equipped

Movement Tracking

Full-scale land logistics.

We deeply understand that this industry is continuously changing and adjusting to the needs of local and environment requirements which means at Blackhem, we are perpetually improving our logistics infrastructure thus resulting in us providing a full-scale land logistics that meet the needs of our partners and clients with exceptional initiatives of utmost quality, reliability and safety. Blackhem bulk supply operation is fully equipped with a convoy of (x) liquid tank trucks with a total of (x) tonnage carrying capacity acting as our main land delivery system. With sufficient capability and experience to manage land logistics supported by bulk supply utmost reliability and capillarity, we believe that we are more than capable to meet the demand of our local market. Drums, intermediate bulk container (IBC) and bitucontainer are ready as our ancillary delivery systems for our local, regional as well as global partners and clients.

Connected systems and operation.

The main advantages that our partners and clients have access to is our connected systems of land logistics infrastructure and operation. We streamline our land logistics operation with smart integrated management system to ensure efficiency in our planning and execution enabling us to transfer optimization of resources and gains to our partners and clients. Additionally, our land logistics operation is seamlessly connected with our terminals/warehousing infrastructure through intelligent loading apparatus, dedicated pipings and weigh-bridge station for local authorities and regulation adherence.

Expert and professional.

We currently have at our disposal a (x) personnels with various expertise from strategic planners, operation managers, transport controllers, land truck pilots, technical engineers and foremen to handle varying types of trucks and trailers. Our personnels are in daily contact with each other to ensure the most cost effective solutions are employed and excellent domestic network are used to reduce waiting and delivery time.

Fully managed and secured.

Our convoy of tank trucks and trailers are fitted with the state-of-the-art Global Positioning System (GPS) and instant messaging telematics system that allows us to track movements and safely communicate with our truck pilots enabling swift response and punctual product deliveries. Transport analytical tools enable us to use our historical delivery data to improve our driving standards and fuel efficiency thus delivering best results and cost optimized land logistics solutions to our partners and clients. All of our logistics handling personnel are continuously trained in their very own discipline to handle the vehicles and product in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations set by relevant authorities.