Fully Integrated Facilities With Tailor-made Warehousing


Total Tankage Capacity


Dedicated Piping

Controlled Gauge

Temperature Monitoring

Regulated Heat

Quality Maintenance


24/7 CCTV Surveillance

Fully integrated facilities.

Our terminal and warehouse facilities operate based in our (x) m² premises in Port Klang terminal and Kemaman terminal with close on-site and off-site collaborative facilitation and management.

Bolsted with (x)t total tankage capacity connected by dedicated pipings, heat tracing, heating apparatus, dedicated pumps, tank gauging fixtures, weigh-bridge station and sections of professional managers, engineers and handling force enable us to assure quality terminal/warehousing solutions to our partners and clients.

Wholly managed and secured.

We pay close attention towards our terminals management and security in order to store our partners’ and clients’ products within our warehouses at the right temperature, securely. Our terminals and warehouses are managed efficiently around the clock with integrated monitoring systems and carpeted with closed-circuit surveillance and security guards.

Environmentally approved operation.

Our terminals and warehouses are environmentally approved for barrel mixing and storage tanks enabling us to provide a complete integrated terminals/warehousing solutions to our partners and clients.